PS4 – Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 4th boogie – 14th December 2014

What goes up must come down

On the 14th of December the 4th Dropzone boogie will be held. This will be the clubs debut on the PS4 platform, I hope you all can drop in and enjoy the fun.


This is a regular monthly event held on the 2nd sunday of every month.
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PS3 – The Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) 3rd boogie review


Last Sunday Saw the 3rd PRDC meet. This was the most fun one to date! We had a solid amount of players all evening. 

Instead of playing a Parachute playlist had a mini goal to archive. So as well as racing to our favour parachute trigger points we were trying to find the best ad-hoc launch points.

All of us, armed with a sports bike and parachute leaped off crevasses and cliffs in a semi organised fashion. It was a dirty great load of fun… A group of sports biking maniacs, some carrying passengers lemming off stuff.

When we did get round to the trigger points it was Minty that was the stand out star. Winning all but 2 or 3 jumps. This was another strong performance from her and I am sure if that continues, along with the amazing out work they have been doing on this blog it wont be long before we have a new Lt.

PS3 – Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 2nd boogie review

We had our 2nd PRDC boogie on sunday evening. 

Well done to Mintyfresh (Mniscus) for winning the nights playlist. We had a max capacity 10 round bout to which Minty and Star took the top two respective places. Although the last few races messed up and kinda tripped out the playlist, I am not sure how many players actually finished it. This months boogie was a step up for Minty, having moved up from the solid 2nd place she earned last time out.

If we do get closer to a fuller lobby in the future. The boogies will introduce missions by creating different goals where the aim is to jump/dive and land on specific targets (stationary & moving), with these getting more and more elaborate as the better we become. See ya at the next event in November.


PS3 – Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 2nd boogie – 12th October 2014

Get your chutes ready! On the 12th of October the 2nd Dropzone boogie will be held. Again we will open a closed crew lobby at around 20:30 (GMT 0). This is a regular monthly event held on the 2nd sunday of every month.

We will run the event just like the last month; An invite only closed crew lobby. Once the fills up to at least 8 players we will impromptu race to different parachuting trigger points on the map. Continue reading