The legend that is Blondie

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You know, as a Rioter who blogs an awful lot on here, there are many times where I will post something that ends up being a waste of time (golf for example…..) and usually that annoys me. However in the case of this post I am hoping that it will be the biggest waste of time I have ever had the pleasure (or displeasure, I dont know.) to post.

The reason why is simple. This post is a tribute to our much loved, respected and above all else missed Commissioner Blondie.

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PS3 – November crew party – Final update

Blondie party

People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Hello you marvellous folk. The PS3 november crew party is nearly upon us. Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to have read my last article on how the party will work? If not please make sure you have read it and understood it m’kaaaaay?


Okay, so this month, we’re running an event with a different theme every hour. These will be held at four different locations on the map and requires four different outfits. These were hand picked by the party committee so that we have four very different photo ops each hour because a recurring comment in our feedback was that we didn’t do enough photo ops anymore. So we’ve taken that onboard and are looking to you gals to get some great shots.

The four themes we will be running over the course of the evening are gonna be as follows.

House party – Roll up in casual house party attire at a house up on Hangman drive. This is one of the houses you can purchase to live in and has a pool, balcony and random party guests appearing throughout the eve.

Beach party – A party… held on a beach. Crazy. Beach or surf attire for this one. Grody has found a nice little spot on the beach for to hang out up at Paleto bay

Barn dance – Yehawwww! Get yourself some country and western attire for rootin’, tootin’ ho down out at the farm in Grapeseed

Alice in Wonderland – This can be as bizarre and as far out as you like. It’ll be held at some of the whackier locations on the map.

Get some costume ideas together for each of those and be ready to change when asked on the night. We wanna get some great pics from this party so ensure your snapmatic has some space.

Blondie Muh


On top of all that free roam goodness, the committee have been busy at work  on a series of awesome creations that reflect the theme of that particular hour. So, you’ll get a brand new set of theme specific games every hour…what more could you possibly ask for?

The gang have really outdone themselves with bringing some some truly wacky creations to life. These will launched throughout the night in playlists.

I’m not gonna ruin the surprises we have in store but I will let you get a sneak peak at what is coming…


Party Pantos – Race

Tonka time

Tonka Time – Capture

Barn dance festival

Barn Dance Festival – Team Death Match


FreeMission Job Image

Croquet a’la Red Queen – Last Team Standing


One of the things we’re most excited about bringing to you though is another of Grody’s fabulously silly ‘hide and seek’ games.Now there are certain rules you have to play by for this to be a success, so pay attention.

The game takes places within a standard deathmatch. One person is ‘it’ and has to go look for the other players who have hidden themselves within the designated area. In our version the ‘it’ is going to be your party rep. The players spawn around the map, to avoid giving away their location, and get five minutes to hide. Once the time is up you’re not allowed to move anymore. That is absolutely key to the game. If your time runs out and you are still out in the open…tough. You CANNOT move once the timer has reached five mins.

If you’re found you have to stay still and the ‘it’ will kill you in whatever way they like. When you respawn you become another ‘it’. The game ends when either everyone has been found or when the timer runs out, in which case the remaining players win.

A quick overview of the rules:

  • You MUST turn off your radar! If you don’t the game obviously becomes too easy.
  • Only the ‘its’ are allowed to move after the clock reaches five minutes.
  • Once you’ve been found you’re not allowed to move. Wait for the ‘it’ to kill you
  • Once you’ve been killed you become another ‘it’ and have to help the other ‘its’ find the rest of the hiders
  • No hiding in the same place, that’s just… well… stupid :p
  • No killing fellow hiders or ‘its’, after all it’s not a deathmatch. The game is stupid and fun enough without wholesale carnage.
  • No hiding outside of the map. The borders are shown by barriers on the roads.
  • Absolutely no calling the creepy middle aged fatty also known as Lester! Cheating will be punished by you being fed to said creepy middle aged fatty!
  • No calling Merryweather either you sly little kitten. This is you vs. the ‘it’

Quick tip: To see who has become an ‘it’ check the leaderboard to see who has been killed.


So then. Only days to go now. Use that time to get yourself a hearse. Scour the interwebz for cool costume ideas and stock up on booze for the night.

Really excited now. We’ll see you Friday. Muhahahaha


a.k.a ‘The Commish’

Blondie pool

PS4 – Our first next gen Commish revealed…

Scuba Christ ps4

Adventures in next gen with an aquatic messiah…

The next gen of GTA5 is here and with that comes an exciting new phase in the growth and evolution of our beloved crew. A whole new platform, a whole new experience of a familiar game and a whole new group of gals ready to take over the streets of Los Santos. But who’s gonna lead this marvellous bunch of glamorous assassins I hear you cry? Ladies… may I introduce to you your Commissioner on PS4… Scuba Christ! Continue reading