Two Nights of Tank Girl Movie Mayhem


Hi all, Thank you so much for the unprecedented response – I got 28 votes in 24 hours which is amazing!! I’m happy to see that there has been a pretty even split between Saturday & Sunday in regards to availability.

So what I’ve decided to do is run the shoot on both nights in order to give you all a chance to get involved. I’m also pleased to say that the majority of you have messaged me to say your flexible to do either night. Continue reading


tank header

I Scuba Christ Vercetti am about to make a huge life changing commitment which will cause a devastating blow to both the streets of Los Santos and my poor bank balance. Yes you guessed it I’m going to go online and give over my credit card details to Warstock Cache & Carry and get me one of those juicy¬†Sixty ton heavily-armored battle vehicles with a 1,500hp turbine engine and a 120mm cannon AKA The Rhino Tank!!! Continue reading

Lets talk about the tank squad…

Now the reason why we’re starting a tank squad is so we can fight off any other person in a lobby with a tank that keeps killing ¬†you or another Rioter

It would be such a surprise to this person, seeing about 11 tanks coming after them…I would piss myself. That would definitely teach them not to mess with us and our Tank Squad.

Even if its not you that’s being repeatedly killed by a tank, and its a crew member, you NEED to help them. Grab your tank and alert any other crew members in the lobby who have a tank by sending them the call-outs. Continue reading