1st Annual PRTA championship


Welcome one and all to the first annual Pussi Riot Tennis Association championship in partnership with toe shoes, shoes that have toes.

I hope toe shoes don’t sue me for product placement (I never got permission from them to say we’re in partnership and they’re pretty angry). Anyway I thought I’d give all you rioters a tennis tournament update. Continue reading

Tennis Tournament


I was on the social club and a few of us were talking about a tennis tournament, what do you gals think?

I noticed that the people who commented on the post all seemed to prefer tennis to golf so I thought I’d see what you all thought. If enough people want one I’ll arrange a tournament, it’ll be on xbox, sorry PlayStation players. I won’t post anything else about this unless at least 8 players want it but I will copy the link to the crew social club page once a day for a week if by that time enough people want it then it’ll happen.