Tour de Los Santos



As I am sure some of you are aware the Tour de France is currently taking place in…erm, well England. For now anyway, it will be heading to France at some point soon too.  But enough of all this geographical nonsense. Los Santos is the greatest city on earth so why can’t we hold our own Tour? Well actually we can!

As a member of the Los Santos cycle club (it does exist…now) me and a few members of the club have devised a lovely tour for ourselves to participate in.

Staged over 10 sections the event has enough room for 16 cyclists (cyclers??) and well take in all the main sights of Los Santos and Blaine County (we had to include them for some reason).

Now the plan here is to host an event probably over two evenings. The tour will be judged over combined times as opposed to points and the lowest score obviously wins.

Each round is roughly around 4-5 miles in distant and usually takes about 5-6 minutes to complete. It has been split into two to save peoples fingers and X buttons.

My hope is that by enabling slipstream in the races all the stages should be quite dramatic and very close. I mean there is not much you can do to get a good advantage in cycling so needs must.

One very pleasing aspect I found when testing the sections was that the scenery is fantastic in this game. And going at a more leisurely pace like on a bike means you can soak in so many things including stuff you never even knew existed!

Anyway I am rambling now. Here is the map of the sections. I hope it post OK as its rather large and the new layout of wordpress is freaking me out somewhat…



1. Cape Catfish to Grapeseed 4.0 miles

2. Grapeseed to Paleto Bay 3.25 miles

3. Paleto Bay to Great Chapparal 4.10 miles

4. Great Chapparal to Vinewood 4.45 miles

5. Vinewood to Del Perro 4.53 miles

6. Del Perro to La Puerta 4.06 miles

7. La Puerta to Terminal 4.31 miles

8. Terminal to Palomino Highlands 4.34 miles

9. Palomino Highlands to East Vinewood 3.74 miles

10. East Vinewood to Rockford Hills 4.27 miles

If anybody is interested just PM me or comment on here or in the thread on the social club. I will formulate a date shortly and we shall go from there. In the meantime I am hoping people join me for some test rides!

And to get you into the mood here are some of my favourite (and indeed only) bicycle based tunes!




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