Competition – Result of “Miss Pussi Riot 2015” contest

I have the honor to announced that following the results of the contest miss the old-gen and next-gen are:

Scuba_Christ (ps4) for NEXT-GEN

KimBianca (ps3) for OLD-GEN !

PS3 – Winner – Halloween Spooktacular – Most gnarly outfit


Evil has a face…albeit one under corpse paint…

Swanning in to the party like a cross between Slash, Baron Samedi and Hugh Hefner. our resident horror expert Gagagolightly (Djangodango) certainly looked the part.

On a night where we saw a lobby full of awesome pimped out hearses with everyone pulling out all the stops with their conversions we also saw you all get creative with your halloween costumes. Everyone I saw really did bust their ass to come up with either something unique or some tribute to a famous character. Continue reading