The Skype’s the Limit


skypeGood evening everybody, I trust you are well?

I have been meaning to make this post for a while but have never really got round to it. But now is as good a time as any. Please, for those who have yet to join the Pussi Riot chat revolution, let me attempt to convince you, are even just make you aware of, the beauty of Skype when it comes to Crew sessions.

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May Data Crunch


Another CRUNCH. Check it out.

Hi gals, First thanks to everyone who filled this in this month. We have had some changed to the crew roster in the last month which has made the stats look a bit more rosy. Now, nearly 50% of the crew have filled in the poll this data is derived from. Continue reading

Beware! You bad girls will get whats coming to ya


  • Killing Crew
  • Rocking a male avatar
  • Cussing on mic
  • Bullying or being rude to crew members
  • Posting anything on the crew feed that is sexist or racist and/or abusive
  • I conduct spot checks on members to see if we are set to the active crew. If you consistently (10 consecutive spot checks) using other crews while in the riot then expect to be kicked
  • Not responding to in-game or social club messages

Important Rioters

Hi Gals,

I will be adding to this page once more positions are agreed. If you are interested in holding an important and integral post within the riot PM be or Blondarus and we will see where we can fit you in. You have to be happy to post on this blog to be in contention for a senior role.

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