The Sultan RS Rally Riot


In a very short time the inaugural “Pussi Riot Sultan RS Rally Riot” will take place.

This is a very special competition as the first prize will NOT be judged on who clocks the most stage wins, or gets the best times. This rally is no ordinary Rally. This is “The Pussy Riot Sultan RS Rally Riot”!

Our ‘Rally’ will be judged by STYLE points only.

Points will be awarded for:

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Feb crew party start time (28th feb @20:30 gmt)


This event is being hosted this Friday the 28th of Feb. The party starts at 8:30pm gmt and will run for 4 hours. Each activity will be finished by a group photo and a sultan rally to our next location.

If you do not have a sultan, it’s nay bother as we DO need photographers sitting in the passenger seats, snapping loads of awesome photos of the sultans drifting around Blaine county.

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How to rank up in the riot


Had a few members ask me “how do I get promoted in the riot?”

And that made me think… Who do I want to represent the riot? I thought about what our core qualities are. I also looked at other crew’s hierarchical systems and what other crews set as their criteria when promoting members. One thing I noticed and I think this is a big one…the majority of the other crews that are active on the news wire, social club, YouTube, twitter etc seems to hold real weight in; how regular you play, how good you are, where your from and whether you have a mic. Plus many others have very strict rules on clothing, cars, weapons. Continue reading

The backstory of backof

backof Untitled-9

Social networking is a funny old thing, users with thousands of friends, millions of likes for an inane insight into a melodramatic microcosm.

It strikes me as perfectly rational to think, the people with the zillions of friends are easily the least interesting. I mean everyone likes vanilla, it may even be the world’s favourite, but it’s way too middle of the road. Continue reading