Official Rockstar Weekend Event starts today


All you have to do is complete the “Flight School Event” Playlist and then head to Ammu-Nation. The High Flyer Parachute Bag will be available free of charge and, once purchased, you can equip it from your Inventory in the Interaction Menu.

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Gaga’s party shoot photos

Hola gals, I have to thank everyone who came to my apartment party this past weekend. It went better than I thought, we got some great photos and we ended up all on boats and in cat masks. We also did Sammy’s derby race at the end which was really fun. I am sorry for those who tried to attend on the Sunday but the servers were stopping them 😦 which was sad. I was planning on putting photos on the blog earlier this week  but i been busy with real life stuff. So here are some of the pics I chosen from the two nights. Continue reading


Like every event weekend there is a Rockstar Snapmatic Contest:


Submit your most creative, most amusing and/or most artfully composed shots of the new content in The “I’m Not a Hipster” Update for the opportunity to win GTA$1M and a HIPSTER vanity license plate for your in-game vehicle. We’re looking for your best costs-a-fortune-to-look-broke outfits; effortlessly artful poses with your disaffected Crewmates next to your fleet of Glendales, Blades and other brand new vehicles; and anything else that proves you are definitely, absolutely (not) a hipster. Continue reading