A Racer’s Perspective VII: Sports Classics

Sports Classics: this class covers a wide range of different kinds of cars.  Everything from the uber expensive exotic classics, to the classic low riding hoopties, 70s cruisers, and even a car that became notorious by way of its affiliation with some 1920s American gangsters.  All of these cars are trouble makers in some way, shape, or form, whether it is sheer speed and evading the police, to noise violations, to drive by shootings, to driving a little under the speed limit with questionable “fumes” escaping the shoddy insulation.  Why do you keep getting in trouble with the law?

I see.  You want it.  You want it bad.  You want to be able to handle the curves and listen to it scream so all of your neighbors can hear it and know that she is responding to what you are doing to her.  You want to be the reason everyone on the street is envious of you, because you have her.  Am I right?  Of course I am, so let’s take a look…

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Competition – Miss Pussi Riot 2015

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pussi riot gta"

I have the honor to announced that the beauty contest “Miss Pussi Riot” is open! The goal is easy:

-you post a photo of yourself on the social club with the legend “beauty contest” until Saturday

-Saturday I would elect the “Miss Pussi Riot” old gen and next gen
Hoping that you will have many competing !!


ps: (if my grammar is not good it’s because I’m French)

PS3 – March Crew Party- The Best of the Best

Join the gang on PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

Greetings everybody.

Long time no blog, I wish I had more time to throw my words of wisdom onto your screen as I have right now but hopefully that will change soon.

Life has been hectic both in real life (long story) and in Los Santos as there was a little update that occurred this month regarding heists that you may or may not have heard about….

Now heists have been great dont get me wrong, lots of fun and a bit of bonding between Rioters (and a few…issues shall we say?) but regardless of real life meaning I cant get online quite as much as I would like and heists splitting us up and pulling us together at the same time, there will always be one thing I can always make time for. One thing that I will give up real life events for and one thing no matter how bloody tired I am I will always put the effort in to make fun.

That one thing of course is the Pussi Riot monthly crew party!

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March crew spot check – 300 crew failed :(

The following crew all failed march’s spot check. 1 interesting thing to note is that we have had 14 reps fail this check, that is the highest ever.

–Harley–, ____babe, _Tess_, -C45H-, 0penThisPitUp, 1MookyMonster, 69bella, A-Hairy-Bear, alexdajen, Acidburn0506, Agop_Armenia, adaly8511, Alfsigr, AlphaNicole, Alyysanne, Amazon_Tatyana, Amandaz, andreec26, andretzar, angellove1235616, angie51378,Ana_Gr4mm, AquilaFeroce, Aris197, Ashbmw87, Ashes111, ASMC_CandyTrixx, Ashlend, avital210, AzzySaviour, azybabz, b1ondegir1, BADASSJAE, BahamaMamasWest, beaugroen51, biboshooter, BigMoab, bigpooter14, BloodOfChris, BKC_CAPRICI, Blu3_Rang3r808, BMcrazy, bora86, boringlaura, BrooklynNFL, boyzombie21, breeder68, bugs951, Brooke_Skye, BrooklynNFL, Bunny91x, BURNING_ALL, caberni46, callum787, casscasscass, ChuckBuffalo, catgina, CAITLIN-23, clara2156, coolkid156, CorruptedJester, CrossedSabres, Cutekittykira, crimsonMFtsunami, daju-sk, DantantMRY, D3MON310, dashingnikita140, dat.1.stud-alex, darky50, DATGURL-ICE12, DeadAim217, devorah78,de3vine, declan_w_lowe, Deepwar87, DelilahStarshine, dementedarego12, dippa4, diva210, DLutes, Drihellyh, dogseatingdogs, dongeena, dphiend, drballard, Duffi_21, duck-tective, dup_skillzzz, EconomicGenie41, elbarto-7, ellejade22, ElzGee, edithetjer59360, ericaaaababy, epicbrother01, emzem29, fabgace, faeltattoo, fence71, fineLady, FirebrandTF, FLACA_MALVADA, fcklozz, Fuct_U_Up_69, FXR786,galgamer001, GamerGirlll, generalkilla1glc, gibberish_808, gigipl, GirlOfDarkness, giggitygirl, gorgeous_bae, Golden_DragonXll, greatness_nation, gregmcmenu, grimmah, gracogtz, habitualocicat, harleyquinl,heatbeatrace, heatherlove999, horst1375, Hesseltjuuh, HeyRenee, horst1375, ibuccmyhips, iCry_x, IDxID-, ijsbeer7, insomniakc, izoeybelgrave, inoatweed, ilovelornap,InfamousEmpress, izbiz-e, i_winkie_u,ItsKARMAx, iZoeyBelGrave, jadab420, jacobita, jadaB420, jairoxx2000, jamessaint5, jannelygirl, JemmaLeigh, jazz9482, Jazzmine., jesse1111, Joleen1996, JohnOneshot, JonnyBlazze420, jvnglex, Jordan231RAW, JusBizz, kait7496, kalikara73, Kazumi_Mishima, kdt2010, Dill4Funn, Kickra, KiKikillenEm, KillN_out_here, KILLUMINAUGHTi, Kingwoop, knight1994, kostjaa18, Kristal69, Kristxu, Krisxo_, LauraCotten007, LAY-ASSASSIN65, LebronY92, Lesliex7, LexiLovesPandas, lexa_2.101, LifeInvader1990, LightningCrashes, lil_ramdom, lilmezziah, LilMizzMocha, lizzie.McCormack, LoJack702, Lola.K, LoonyHoney, loudsmok, LoverBoyjohn458, Magda-Mausi, mere4life, michael1996metal, Misty8may, Minagirl02, MIINNK, mikeaaml1chairs7, MissSniperError, missSpeedballs, MissTunrida, MoonPowder, mucus1991, NI10VL, NattashaStew, NickixMonroe, Nightngales, NikkiBenzXXX, Niky_Sixx, niquelovesgames, Nhktrra, NLEFrost, normswashere, Nobody-Knows-Who, oBazilo, P-U-S-C-I-F-E-R,PaizuriJones, pixelpuss1,PfsGamer, PrincessReynapet, Proemke, PunyRibeiro38299, qbanguy42, quintinbob, RadioActiChic23, RagingRed, Ragejenb, RainbowFrost8, RainStorm29, ranitam, Rashedgta, Rayla_Da_Boss, redtoria, Reggierocket125, remuf616, rstrongly, ruhfe12, rylan.t, SalllyGurl, samantha073, SamCitadel, Samanthajade390, samm_8000, selenaLOVE001, Sepmoure, ShadowRider8, Shadowpxl6661, shazzbabe, ShootTheNuts, Sian117, simon_said_chill, SimpsonGuy, sliqster2000, SlimSR99, slferry83, someonezmom, soonertimothy, StormVixen420, SienneJones, Soulsettings, StopPhoningMe, stevietay1989, Street-Cat, StreetSlayer7, Summervixen, Synthy2014, T0rnInTwO, TaytayModz, Tawnie, tobal121088, Thunderouslegend, TehCracX, Texasalexis1, thekalvn, TheReddKiller, therockkid, timpani808, Trishthadish, TheX8oxGirl, Tr1gger_Impact, tori_iv, TW1ST3DT0RQ, Twilight123, unicorn_blacK, ucantseemeho, Verkaatje, VeronicasSweet, VeronicasSweet, vscxvs, viviennevivi, wasabino98, WESTDALLAS-GAL, WickedAngelQueen, WidowsPeak, WynnWali, X_ForgotMyName_X, xoLAURIEox, Xdiamond_beautyX, XKazumi_MishimaX,xhanbx, xnaylax, xXBLoDie42oXx, xxGrumpyCat, XxKINGxHAT3RxX, xXTelyTubyzXx, xXMiss-Sara86Xx, YourPrettie, zekereloaded,zero123459, ZhaiMadness

A Racer’s Perspective VI: Coupes

San Andreas

Coupes. The four-door class (which would make them sedans, in my opinion, but whatever). COUPES. I have two. Since I only have two Coupes, I suppose I will make this quick and start with the final verdict. But I don’t think I will be changing my mind on my vehicles unless supplied with other information (in which case, hit me up, I am all about speed).

Cholla Springs Ave

Final Verdict

As part of the Ill-Gotten Gains part one DLC, we find the Enus Windsor, complete with new vinyl wrap. You can customize the vinyl sort of, as there are several patterns to chose from, and then like other cars, you can pic and choose your primary and secondary colors to match the pattern. I chose the somewhat camo’d vinyl (when I look more closely at the pattern, there appears to be a person or a monkey in the pattern? Look real closely at the lower half of the front quarter panel right before the door) and matched it to take my custom Green/Yellow Oregon Duck styled pattern (as you can see below).

Zancudo River


This car is heavily influenced by Rolls Royce (note the radiator/hood ornament deal). I am not sure if this is a Wraith or a Ghost, but it does act like a Rolls, large, powerful, sounds wonderful, but is also comfortable and easy to drive, despite being a large car. It doesn’t feel like a large car, but the handling does suffer as a product of all of that weight. Acceleration is great, and top speed is clearly the best in class at 118 mph. The car screams style and luxury, so if you are cruising around town and want to look a little different, and still be able to keep up with some cars in the coupe class, this might be a great option for you.

Bolingbroke Penitentiary

The only other Coupe in my garages at this point is the Ubermacht Zion (in green above). I actually didn’t have this vehicle until I was told, nay, ordered by fellow Riot members to purchase this vehicle. Before we get into performance, Ubermacht must be the GTA version of the BMW badge, because this version of Ubermacht looks a lot like the newer M6, with some different headlight/taillight patterns that scream “German Engineering”. With the exception of top speed (the crown of which is taken by the Windsor) at 115 mph, its not horrible compared to the Windsor in that realm, and I would argue this is the best all-around vehicle for the class. Period. There are definitely other cars worth having in this class, but if I had to choose ONE (outside of all-out, top-end speed), THIS would be the one.

Bolingbroke Penitentiary

This pretty much rounds out my first garage. Supers and Coupes. Stay tuned, there is more to come.