GAGA’S party roundup

My perspective of how the night went


Hola gals, thank you for everyone who attended the crew party which was a really fun night. All of this is from my perspective so if I get anything wrong I apologize to you all. As you know we tried to change the way we run it from the last party with crew reps selected to host playlists created by crew and what Binchen moulded together. Continue reading

the new batch…


Hello to my killer reps, and anyone else who happens to be reading this!

Currently we have an awesome core of Pussi Riot Representatives. I love everyone of ya. But you guys are just too thin on the ground. WE NEED MORE. I plan to give you [as a group] greater responsibilities including the hand over of the monthly crew party to run with but I need more of you to allow this to happen. Currently we have 26. I would like 50.

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