Important Rioters

Hi Gals,

I will be adding to this page once more positions are agreed. If you are interested in holding an important and integral post within the riot PM be or Blondarus and we will see where we can fit you in. You have to be happy to post on this blog to be in contention for a senior role.

The important rioters are…

Pussi Riot Productions, Executive Producers:

Scuba C Vercetti (psn)  eltax00 (xbox)

Riot Alpha Taskforce, Captain:

0 (1)
Raxo-D (aka Grody)

Pussi Riot Golf Association Chairperson


Pussi Riot Anniversary Awards Chairperson


Unofficial head of Pussi Riot Xbox:


PSN Official Party Reps:

egimage    BinchenChaos   raxo-d  GAGAgolightly  katies92    missyvee


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