Crew Data Crunched – March


Another CRUNCH. Check it out.

The data above is only as good as the info you provide and so far only 30% of our total crew membership has actually filled out the 2 polls which this dataset is derived from.

So please if you have not voted already. CLICK HERE and submit your 2 votes on your global location and your time zone.


Oh No Not Another Photo shoot !


See my names isn’t VintageSecrets for no reason (ignore the secrets part i don’t know what i was thinking). I love all things which are NOT of this century.From cars to clothing heck even movies. There’s just a certain feeling of nostalgia when i look at my mothers old pictures. Probably because she looks just like me (weird huh). Anyways that’s enough about me. So my dear rioters we have not known each other long, but i would like to get off my lazy back side and participate in the awesomeness which is Pussi riot (with a pinch of glamour). Continue reading

Allow me to reintroduce myself

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My name is Khylie, but those who know me call me Ms Kinky. NOT for the reason you’re thinking, but because of my hair lol. I guess my story starts in Vice City in the mid 80’s.

Born the daughter of Vic Vance, it was obvious early that I had that famous Vance temper when at the age of 9 I stabbed a girl with a Barbie pencil when she tried to take my jump rope. Though I am more jovial like my uncle Lance, I am my father’s daughter, though he died when i was a newborn, my mom says i have his aura (whatever that means). So it was no surprise to my mother when after she couldn’t pay for some shoes I wanted, I began running drugs for the local cartels. Continue reading