PS3 – Grody’s send-off party

As you all know I will be moving to PS4 in a few weeks. After two years of playing with you on PS3, I can’t just ride off into the sunset without throwing a good shindig!


Join the gang on PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

I’ll start off by saying that I won’t be gone forever. I will still hang out with all the cool PS3 people from time to time (and whenever someone wants to play together). Nonetheless a proper see you later is in order.

The party will be on December 18 at 20:00 GMT

To commemorate all of the good times we’ve had together, I want to create a playlist with all of your best jobs. To submit your job, simply send me a link to it on the SC and I’ll add it to the playlist. (max 1 job per person)

For the final bit of the party to work, I’ll need a few PS4 people to attend, as we’ll be sailing off into the sunset together.

The schedule is as follows:

  • During the first hour we’ll get ready, wait for possible latecomers and simply have some free roam fun together.
  • Once the first hour is over, we’ll launch the playlist.
  • After the playlist we’ll take a 15 minute break, so that people can go potty, fix themselves a drink, prepare a quick midnight snack, give me a foot massage etc.
  • After the break (and depending on the time) I’ll launch a second playlist with memorable jobs from some of the previous crew parties.
  • Once the playlist is over, we’ll go to the marina and wait for the sunset. For the send-off I need all the PS4 people to get on my sailboat and we’ll start sailing off into the sunset (until we hit the edge and drown I guess) the PS3 peeps follow in any kid of vehicle (be creative!)
  • If the night is still fairly young, we’ll hang out until after Sesame Street and then hit the hay.

There’s no dress code, but no black suits, I’m not dead :p

That’s all folks, I’ll see you at the party! ^_^

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