April 2015 strike list

Hi gals,

I have removed about 50 crew members who failed 5 spot checks in a row. These checks were conducted randomly over the last 8/9 months. To fail they had to not be using our crew when we checked. In order to get kicked you had have 5 failures in a row, so its safe to say none of these had played with us for at least 8 months.

Here is the updated like of all the peeps now on there final strike, This means if they are not using the crew next time we check they will share the same fate as the last lot :(

0penThisPitUp, 1MookyMonster, Alyysanne, Amazon_Tatyana, andretzar, Ashbmw87, Ashes111, b1ondegir1, beaugroen51, bora86, BURNING_ALL, callum787, ChuckBuffalo, coolkid156, crimsonMFtsunami, DATGURLICE12, DeadAim217, de3vine, DelilahStarshine, Drihellyh, edithetjer59360, fabgace, fineLady, FLACA_MALVADA, greatness_nation, horst1375, iCry_x, ijsbeer7, jairoxx2000, jazz9482, jesse1111, Kazumi_Mishima, kdt2010, KillN_out_here, LifeInvader1990, lil_ramdom, Lola.K, LoonyHoney, MIINNK, NI10VL, NickixMonroe, niquelovesgames, pixelpuss1, RainStorm29, Reggierocket125, StreetSlayer7, Summervixen, Synthy2014, T0rnInTwO, TehCracX, TheReddKiller, TW1ST3DT0RQ, ucantseemeho, VeronicasSweet, VeronicasSweet, WidowsPeak, Xdiamond_beautyX, xXBLoDie42oXx, xxGrumpyCat, ____babe, _Tess_, -C45H-

Xbox 360 Crew Party


Aaahh April. The smell of freshly cut grass, the flowers blooming again and the sun is finally peeking its head out from behind the clouds. It’s also a great time to get fit and healthy for swim suit season…

Hey everyone, guess who’s back!! Ok you twisted my nostril, I’ll tell ya. It’s ME!! My exams start very soon but I have managed to make time for my xbox and of course pussi riot and studying.

Back to the point of this post, it’s april and we need to have a crew party. The theme for this month is Sports! (I hate them in real life but there’s something mesmerising about pressing A over and over and over again).

We will start the night at 8.30pm GMT(0) (UK time) on this Saturday coming (25th of April) just like last month when sonic hosted the party which I hear was a great success! (Sorry I missed it). Speaking of which, since Sonic’s party went so well he and defryc are going to help me out so thanks guys!

When we get into the lobby we will all get into our best sports outfits (TIP: You can make them before hand and save them in your outfits list, I suggest making a beach outfit, a golf outfit and a tennis one). After we finish getting ready we will all head over to the Los Santos Golf Course and have a small tournament, don’t worry if you aren’t very good, it’ll be fun either way. This does depend on how many people show up though and we know some people just hate the game so if, when Friday comes, you guys/gals don’t want to play this we can just skip past it.

Then we’ll play a playlist of specially made games (thank you defryc)

After this we will mess around at the beach e.g play pirates, go yachting etc, etc. Then we can play some rounds of tennis, but again like the golf if you don’t enjoy this game we can pass by it. Finally we will just play sports related games and do some fun parachute jumps (not for points, only in free roam, up in raton canyon after jumping from motorcycles). This won’t be heavily structured, except for the playlist the rest of the night will take place in free roam. See you all soon!! :D

I should note that we’re still planning this so it might not play exactly like this and we have a ton of other ideas so all you have to do is bring your pretty self to los santos!! :)

A Racer’s Perspective VIII: Motorcycles

 Bikes.  I admit I know very little about motorcycles.  I got into enough trouble growing up when it came to my car stuff, so when it came to bikes, I sort of swore them off assuming that I would kill myself in some crazy epic crash.  Things I do know: most are two-stroke engines, choppers are loud, dirt bikes are bouncy, Vespas are weird and foreign to me but people love them, Twitch got his name because he has turrets (a name he did not approve of at first), Valentino Rossi is a boss, and you don’t know anything about motorcycle racing if you don’t know about the Isle of Man.  Watch the first thirty seconds of the video below and remind yourself that this is taking place on a public road, complete with trees and fences and wildlife.

It is actually quite close to what you might experience on GTA, except that when you die, you…don’t really come back.  That being said, the riding in GTA is quite the experience. This class yields some of the fastest land-based vehicles in the game, and also some of the most death-defying (or death impending).  Big thanks to freezingkellykel for the awesome snap.  Now let’s get started…

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The PS3 April Crew Party Manifesto – The San Andreas Revolution

“The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated.”
― Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

Wise words from perhaps the most famous revolutionary of all time. Now how about living by them and actually read all the party info?

  • The party will be on May 2 at 20:00GMT.
  • Make sure you’ve read the story before participating. It makes it all the more fun when you know what’s going on.
  • Everyone who owns a PS3 is welcome to join in on the fun.
  • Participants will be split into two teams. One team of revolutionaries and another of a squad of Merryweather soldiers.
  • The revolutionary team has to win missions in order to successfully start a revolution. The Merryweather team has to win missions to prevent a revolution.
  • The dress code is, you guessed it, ‘revolutionary’.
  • Weapons and ammunition will be provided during the missions, so you don’t have to spend all your hard earned heist cash on ammunition.

©omrade Molly ‘the mean’ Maureen Hollywell

The Story – Prologue

(Here’s some music to set the mood)

It’s early March 2019. The United States’ debt crisis continues to spiral out of control. The country now has 21 trillion dollars in debt and the government is once again about to go bankrupt. The usual giant wads of foreign cash are no longer an option, as the world has come to realise that the ‘land of opportunity’ is nothing more than an old giant clinging to the cliffs with it’s last finger.

With bankruptcy imminent and a civil war peeking around the corner, China who owns a 7.2% cut of the debt pie, has offered a way out. The Chinese government is willing to settle the debt in exchange for the annexation of United States soil. San Andreas to be exact. With the country’s best interests at heart, the government accepts the offer.

A Sino-American provisional government is appointed to make the annexation of San Andreas go as smoothly as possible. However the people of San Andreas will not stand for it. A period of social uprising starts. Riots and protests are at the order of the day. The provisional governments response becomes increasingly violent. What started out with propaganda and a few arrests here and there has become the disappearance of entire families, torture, prosecutions without trial, executions and deadly force against protesters.

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when ripe. You have to make it fall.”
― Che Guevara

Something has to be done. The social injustice that has it’s roots deep within the greed of a corrupt people must be stopped. Team one, a group of rebels from South Los Santos, has organised itself into ‘The Movement Of May The Second’ sets out to do just that. It’s mission to unite the people and spark a revolution.

“Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world.”
― Che Guevara
Peace is a valuable good that has to be protected. Such is the duty of a civilian and most importantly, a human being. Or so that’s what you, a Merryweather soldier, keep reminding yourself of. Team two fights to keep the peace in San Andreas. Although somewhere deep down inside you can’t shake the thought that the the duty you value so much comes with a price too high.

Chapter 1 – Insurgents and Technicalities

Objective: Pick up and deliver your armed vehicle to your base before the other does. The mission doesn’t involve fighting and is essentially a race.

rebel flag

Story: Word has spread of your efforts fighting injustice in southern L.S. and small group of rebels in Vespucci Beach led by former arms trafficker Oscar Guzman wants to join forces with you. There is just one problem however. Merryweather has become aware of the location of Guzman’s rebel base and is about to deploy a squad of heavily armed Merryweather mercenaries to make them all mysteriously disappear in preliminary detention. Move Guzman’s equipment, firearms, grenades and four Rebel pick-up trucks, one of which with mounted machine gun to your base (which is your workplace. Your boss has fled the country, so he won’t mind) as quickly as possible.

With Guzman’s support we can start thinking bigger. The media just covers up our small attacks as unfortunate accidents on Merryweather’s part. If we strike them hard, if we put them to shame, they’ll no longer be able to ignores us. Hasta la victoria siempre!


  • A base of operations
  • 1 Technical armed truck
  • 3 Rebel trucks
  • A variety of medium powered firearms
  • Grenades

Merryweather Flag

Story: Listen up shit heels! Provisional government chairman  Tiankai is not pleased with our performance. There are riots all over our beautiful Even Farther East city and Mr Weston wants action. He’s sourced us more Insurgents LPV’s, one of which with a mounted machine gun, and some extra heavy firepower with a steady supply of ‘rubber bullets’. Don’t give me that look soldier! I’m sure there’s a few molecules of rubber on those commie stoppers. Now move it ladies! I want to hear those cunts whistling in the wind! Get the trucks and report back to base!


  • A base of operations
  • 1 armed Insurgent Pick-up truck
  • 3 unarmed Insurgent
  • A small variety of heavy machine guns

Chapter 2 – The La Puerta Checkpoint Raid

Objective: Take the heavy weapons from the checkpoint and defeat the other team.

rebel flag

Story: One of Guzman’s intelligence operatives has heard of a great opportunity that will put The Movement on the map and show the people of San Andreas that there’s still hope for change. A new checkpoint has opened on the La Puerta freeway, conveniently located in between two parking garages. The Merryweather team in charge of the checkpoint is heavily armed, but also fresh out of the academy. If we take position on top of both garages we can easily pin them down and move in to steal their weapon supplies. East team: Take cover and use the Technical to distract Merryweather. West team: While Merryweather distracted, use grenades to blow up the Insurgent pick-up. Three grenades ought to do the trick.


  • Increased support of the People of San Andreas
  • A large supply of heavy firearms and explosives

Merryweather Flag



  • A large supply of heavy firearms and explosives
  • An extra armed insurgent pick-up truck due to increased terrorist activity