Remind me not to die today

Isle of Man TT

Hello everyone.
I write a short post to show you my latest creation : a superbike race inspired by the famous Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. You don’t know the TT ? Here’s a quick overview :

My track doesn’t try to be more or less a faithful reproduction as the version of “Nurburgring” or “Laguna Secain GTA. I mainly tried to keep the spirit of the race. Long, very fast, dangerous and above all : awesome sensations with – or even without – several participants (16 players max)

The run : 13km long

My best time for the moment with a custom BATI 801RR : 6 minutes and 15 seconds

I would have liked longer but the editor limits us to 68 checkpoints.

It isn’t a creation quickly created. The selected routes are thought to maximum use of the map of San Andreas. It’s a kind ofselection of the best roads out of the town”.

If you set-up CUSTOM VEHICLES OFF you run with Bati 801 (classic or RR).


See you soon on your motorbikes ladies !

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