Welcome to the Riot

A true story that may involve some embellishment and downright lies…


Oh… my… god! What have we got here? Why it’s our very own crew friendly blog!

How the hell did that happen I hear you ask? Well… the Rockstar Social website was having trouble containing our rampaging awesomeness on one simple page (their software simply wasn’t cut out for such a task) so the Boss called an emergency meeting. We sat about our imaginary campfire toasting imaginary marshmallows and hatched a plan that would see us create our own little virtual clubhouse on another part of this so called ‘interwebz’.

The Boss fired up the chopper, Randy cracked open the cristal and off we flew, blazing a trail of destruction and outrageous unladylike behaviour across the internet until we crash landed here on wordpress (I’d taken over the controls for the final leg while the others slept of champagne induced hangovers…bad idea given my flying stats)!

Anywho, after we’d dragged our sassy but dishevelled carcasses from the wreckage, we surveyed the landscape and decided that this was indeed the right place for us to begin our campaign. A campaign to become the most slinky, most stupendous, top banana, girl crew of GTA online!

How are we gonna do that I hear you shriek in excitement? By creating a hub where we can all come, hang out, share cool stuff and chat about the outcome of a your game of chicken involving a BMX and a tank.

From here we’re going to organise crew meets, post pop quizzes, run competitions, give aways of GTA in game items and generally create more of fun community vibe than Rockstar Social’s creaking software will allow.

It’s all about you. We’re here to create the best crew experience we can for our members, so get involved, let us know what you think, Share with us all the cool things you do in the name of our crew! Lets get the party started and it’s you who’s picking the tunes ; )

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Riot

  1. happy to be apart of a awesome crew ty for letting me be apart of it and cant wait o have fun with all of you and do my best to help the crew out 🙂

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